• 2024-04-11
    With the rapid progress of AI technology, the fusion of fashion and traditional culture has brought endless exciting innovations. Recently, “The Magic Ship of the Orient”, created by Associate Professor Wu Liang from the Department of Visual Communication and the Visual Multimedia Team at Donghua University, clinched four gold awards for fashion, animation, art design, and motion graphics in the video category of the MUSE Creative Awards.“The Magic Ship of the Orient” made its debut as part of
  • 2024-04-04
    On April 1, the youngest fashion force from Donghua University in Shanghai, Emerging Designers from Donghua, made a wonderful appearance at 800 Show in Jingan for this Shanghai Fashion Week. Liu Chenggong, the Party secretary, Liu Shuhui and Chen Ge, the vice presidents, attended the event.This year marks the ninth consecutive year of College of Fashion and Designs collaboration with THE NEXT, a university-based fashion show platform, in the Emerging Designers training program. The event took pl
  • 2024-04-03
    On March 26, the report and showcase of the university-enterprise cooperation program between Donghua Universitys Sector of Sino-Japanese Cooperation Project and GTHS concluded at the EKA in Shanghai. Guests invited to attend this event included Jin Zhijiang, Chairman of GTHS in Jiangsu, Qiu Gao, former Vice President of Donghua University, Li Jun, General Manager of Donghua University Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Wang Chaohui, Deputy Dean of College of Fashion and Design, who have witne
  • 2024-03-20
    Recently, the stage multimedia video work “The Magic Ship of The Orient” by the faculty team from College of Fashion and Design at Donghua University scooped a total of 4 gold awards in the video category at the 2024 Muse Creative Awards.(Gold trophies and certificates of Muse Creative Awards)The work was created by a visual multimedia design team led by Associate Professor Wu Liang from the Department of Visual Communication. It was previously featured as part of the grand showcase “FASHION FRO
  • 2024-03-18
    On March 12, Cai Jinqing, President of Kering Greater China, and Sabina Belli, the CEO of POMELLATO, were invited to Donghua University to present a lecture on the theme “VISION FOR THE FUTURE - Building Dreams for the Future”. The event was jointly organized by the College of Fashion and Design and the DHU Youth League Committee, and attracted nearly 500 students and faculty.(Live scene of the event)Sabina Belli shared the unique Italian aesthetics and avant-garde fashion attitude of POMELLATO’

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